Third-party withdrawals


Hello my friend,

Today you will learn about what is forbidden in casino policies. This is very important matter if you want your withdrawals safe and without any issues.

Most of casinos have same Terms and Conditions, that states clearly about 3rd party money and withdrawals, so I will gladly help you understand the most crucial information, so that you won’t have any problems in the future.

What you need, is to be the true and lawful owner of money that you wager. Cardholder’s information using a credit or debit card must be the same as information used when registering on casino’s website, so any withdrawals that are made by any means will be payable only to the name and information from your account and it must correspond to the information on the card.

That means you can’t use your friends card to wager or withdraw your winning money. Otherwise your account may be suspended.

Let me explain a little bit in details how a withdrawal procedure looks like.

For instance, you want to collect what you have earned while betting online and it is just as simple as depositing but unfortunately, the process is normally not instantaneous.

To submit your first withdrawal request, you need to sign in again and visit the cashier section of your preferred online casino. Then, you should click on the Withdraw button to load the methods the casino supports for cash-outs.

Upon subsequent withdrawals, the money is usually returned to the same method the player had used when depositing if it is supported for withdrawals, of course. So you need to remember that no 3rd party cards are allowed.

Please make sure that you are using only your personal card that is registered and you won’t have any problems with your withdrawals.

I hope this information helped you and have a good day.