Data Retention


Hello my friend!

In this short topic we will talk about something that you will possibly not need to know, but eventually some players come up to.

Data Retention is something that you need to consider when you are applying to close your account. You can delete your documents, but, unfortunately, you will be not able to delete your history or any activity logs from your account or delete account completely.
Please note, that by accepting the Terms and Conditions, you are agreeing that your data will be held in the casinos data base for certain amount of time (for example, most common is 5 years).

You need to know that, this is not just a casinos rules that they want to keep you personal data, it’s made for several purposes:

– Data retention – keeps your data in the casino in order for players have only one account. Creating multiple accounts is not allowed in casinos system. By creating a new account, your secondary account will be linked to the newly created account and that’s a casino rules violation;
– By keeping your data, casino secures your activity logs that will help you. For example, you have stopped playing at casinos, but your government requested a full history of your activity in the casino in order to you not avoid taxes;
– Based on a previous mentioned purpose, you can follow your history in order to see your history for own purposes.For example to calculate your loss/profit while being active on the website;

So if you are willing to close your account, please note, that your account will remain in casino’s data base.

Good lucky my friend!