Bonus Cancelation


Hello my friend. Today I will tell you about bonus cancelation.

There is three major types of bonus cancelation: 

  1. Cancelation by casino
  2. Cancelation by player 
  3. Bonus expiration

Almost all bonuses have an expiration date, so you need to be careful and check it, cause if you didn’t make wager requirements before the expiration date, you will lose your bonus. 

You can also lose your bonus if you will don’t follow term and conditions and for example have a duplicate accounts, didn’t follow max bet rules or somehow braking a rules of casino in other ways. 

And last type is cancelation from your side. Yes, you can cancel your bonus by your self, but you need to know that when you are canceling bonus you will lose all your winnings from that bonus. So think twice before you will decide to do this. 

For any other information regarding the bonuses you can always contact casino support members.