Third-party deposits


Hello my friend,

I will tell you how to play safe and don’t break casino rules in the future.

The easiest and safest option to deposit into your casino account is through credit and debit cards, especially Visa and MasterCard, as they are two of the safest and more reliable methods due to their outstanding security encryption and protocols recognised by organisations worldwide, but if you didn’t use your own cards or IBAN’s when registering and making a deposit, your account is in trouble.

Yes, we will talk about third- party deposits. Let’s dive in what exactly are third- party deposits. For example your personal bank card is not valid right now and so you cannot make a deposit, but your friend sitting next to you offers help and has money on his valid bank card. So you make a deposit from a third- party card.

Mostly, all casinos forbid to make deposits from third- party accounts and I advise you to think twice before you actually do it, otherwise your winning can be subtracted by casino administration or worse your account can be closed forever.

What you need, is to be the true and lawful owner of money that you wager. Cardholder’s information using a credit or debit card must be the same as information used when registering on casino’s website, so any deposits that are made by any means will be accepted only to the name and information from your account and it must correspond to the information on the card or your account will be blocked.

That means you can’t use your friends card to deposit and wager money. Otherwise your account may be suspended.

So please remember, use only your personal bank account for deposit. If you accidentally already made this mistake by asking your friend’s/wife’s/husband’s/girlfriend’s or grandmother’s bank account to make a deposit, you should contact casino support immediately and explain the situation.

Play safe and follow Terms and Conditions.