Game Availability


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You are in the casino and you see a new game release, enter the game and see a “Oopsie” sign that you are not allowed to play this game?

Well, this game is not available for you for certain reasons.

In this topic we will tell you why you can’t play some games.

Most common reasons is a providers restriction.
As casino licenses have their country restrictions based on the country Gambling Authorities, same applies to the providers that provide access to their games. If the game provider and country Gambling Authority don’t agree on certain occasions, for example, RTP (Return to Player), then this provider will block an access to players from these countries, because players Gambling Authority think that 94.55% RTP is too small.
That’s why you may issue to see, that specific game provider is blocked on MGA License, but is allowed on the Curacao license based casino.
You may this not know, but the RTP may differs on the same slot on different licenses, based on rules they are applied with a game provider. For example, RTP on the MGA based casinos are more high RTP than on Curacao. Most games don’t go bellow 94% RTP on all games provided on these casinos. Curacao licensed casino has their RTP as low as 84% RTP.

Please be informed, that RTP 94% and 84% doesn’t necessary means that you will win less with 84%. RTP is based on hundreds of millions combinations that will result of overall return to the player of 84% of his balance. In either situation you can do a maximum win on the first spin, however, in the end of these millions spins, you will get back to 84% of your initial balance.

But we have got out of topic here.

Second reasons why game is not available – it’s because of bonus money!
Casino risk they own money, that if they will give you these bonus money, you will go on a game with a maximum win of 150 000 times of your bet and will complete the wager and make a withdrawal. That’s why sometimes casinos make their restrictions, that you are not allowed to play games with a bonus money. These restrictions are not applied to your own money deposited.

And another reason – JACKPOT!
Yes, Jackpots or Progressive jackpot is basically a lottery that you participate.
Playing with bonus money in a slots with real money jackpot is forbidden. You can only participate with your own real deposited money. Also, some countries have restrictions by providing lottery in their own country, only by licensed country lottery company, so before you want to apply to a jackpot games, read Terms and Conditions, as your country maybe listed as on of whom not receiving Jackpots.

We hope this topic was helpful for you.

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