Remove limits


Hello my friend, most likely you have set a limit and now you want to remove it, but don’t know how? First of all, make sure that you are 100% sure that placed limits are ready to be removed. If you feel that better will be for limits to be active, leave them as they are set.

But if you are sure, I will describe you the basic steps for removing the limits.

Different casinos have their own steps to set limits. Some casinos have a limits section in your account, some limits are placed by the casino outside the players account access.
For example, most common is that license don’t have a limits section and you need to contact a chat/email support to set a specific limit (more about limits types you can read here in “Set a limit” topic). In this scenario, you will have to contact chat/email support again with a request to change or completely remove set limit.

However, if casino have open limits section, or in some cases it’s called “Responsible Gambling” section in your profile, these limits are regulated by the players.
We want to inform you, that setting limits is a action that apply limits straightly after confirming. In other hand, removing limits can be not that fast.

Responsible Gambling is a section that restrict players to go off their own limits and if you are willing to go over them, you will have to wait.
That’s right. By removing or changing limits, you will have to wait a certain amount of time before limits will be changed.

If you want to remove your limits, for example, deposit limits, you need to go in your Limits section, select deposit limit, press to remove it. Here starts the waiting part, as you need to confirm this action on your email. After the confirmation, based on the casino rules, you will have to wait certain amount of days in order to confirm this removal. Basically, casino gives you time to think if you agree with your decision. If casino places a 7 day cooldown between removing limits, you will have 7 days to think if you agree. After 7 days, you will receive a second email notification that your limits are ready to be removed. If you agree, you remove then, however, if you feel that removing limits will be wrong decision, leave this decision unconfirmed and your activity will maintain as it was.

But these are only Deposit/Game limits, but what about Self-Exclusion?

Self-exclusion – in short, it’s a account blocking and you will be not able even login to your account. Self-exclusion removal is always held by the casino administration. However, please be informed, that your Self-Exclusion removal application can be denied by the casino administration and your account will remain closed until Self-Exclusion period expiry.

We hope that this topic was helpful.

Good luck my friend!