Casino Rules


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In this topic we will talk about casino rules.
Most common mistake that players make – is that they don’t read the casino rules that can be found in general and bonus Terms and Conditions.

When you registering an account, make sure that you read all the Terms and Conditions in order to not make any mistakes that can lead to your winnings confiscation or closing the account for several reasons and mistakes.
By registering in the casino, you are always accepting the Terms and Conditions by clicking the check box, that mean you are aware of the casino rules and fully agree with them.

Terms and Conditions – it’s casinos rules that you need to follow.

Here are some mistakes that players make not following these rules.

For example, player wish to play in a casino, but he’s country is forbidden to play. In order to pass the registration process and start playing, they choosing wrong country. It’s a major casino rule violation. In these cases your account can be closed during the verification process.
If we started talking about verification, please note, that in every T&C there is a Verification process requirements, for example, that for verification process you will be required to upload specific documents (ID, document that will verify an address in the profile and screenshots or a statement of made deposits). If you will fail to verify these documents, your account will be not verified and closed, due to failed verification process.

Maybe most painful, but fully reasonable reason to confiscate all your balance and to close your account – is using third-party payments (deposit methods, bank accounts, e-wallet accounts – that don’t belongs to you). In these cases, if you will be not able to verify that payment method belongs to you, your full balance will be confiscated and account will be closed. You will lose all your winnings and deposits. Make sure that you are using only your own personal payment methods.

Terms and Conditions are applied to every player and players need to follow them in order to continue their activity on the website.

Bonus Terms and Conditions in other hand – rules that applied to the bonuses that you receive. You need to mind that casino gives you free money (bonus money) and in order to withdraw them, you need to follow rules to turn these bonus money into withdrawable money. If not these rules, than every player could just register, deposit and receive their bonus money – after that withdraw them. However, not in this case.
There are few general rules that you need to follow:
– Wager requirements – that means you need to spend certain amount of bonus money on bets in order to turn bonus money in a real money that you can withdraw;
– Maximum allowed bets – you can’t use whatever bet you like to make a wager requirement;
– Games Restrictions – some games not allowed to play with bonus money and you should check the forbidden games list in bonus Terms and Conditions;
– Maximum allowed withdrawal amount from certain bonus – that means, if you got a deposit bonus and non-deposit bonus (for example – free spins), maximum withdrawal amount can be different, however, casino reserves the rights to choose either to make a full withdrawal of your winnings or as stated in a bonus Terms and Conditions.

Please note, that casino operates based on the Terms and Conditions, either you play with a real money or bonus money. If you will not follow the rules, you may lose your winnings.

We hope that we adjusted your knowlege regarding a casino rules and it will help you with your casino activity.

Good luck my friend!