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Here is a topic for you regarding using a VPN. But first, what is VPN?

VPN or a virtual private network is an application or a software that makes your original internet activity – private! However, this privacy may lead to a certain problems.
Most commonly, VPN is used to change IP address and even location of your local connection.

Why is that?

Basically, for casino structure, your casino activity is based on your country laws. If casino is forbidden in your own country rules, you most likely will not have an access to we website that will be blocked by your internet provider.
In order to surpass this restrictions, usually, players use VPN – by changing their location, they are able to enter the website bypassing the restrictions set by the internet provider and country.

Why VPN topic is in “Restrictions” section? Well, it’s simple as that.

VPN – making your current location from a different country and if you are using other country location, you are using other country casino restrictions, not your country.
By using other location, you make your activity based on another country and some restriction based on your original country are avoided.
For example, game availability. All providers have restrictions for certain games or whole provider games for some countries. If the casino administration will find that you have used your VPN activity to play restricted for your country games, your winnings can be confiscated.

Or, using VPN to completely avoid registration from your original country completely. By registering under “FAKE” country, you may say good buy to all of your deposits and winnings, because you will be closed for providing a false data. (More information regarding a account verification can be found here)

You may say that using VPN is not a problem if you will register correctly and play only games that allowed for your original country is good? Not really!

As mentioned in the Terms and Conditions topic “here”, there is a possible way to get your funds confiscated based on the duplicated account, an account with the same IP address. If you are using Free to use VPN, most likely someone else is using this software or browser extension and IP addresses are most likely limited in a free version of the software/extension.
Casino administration will consider your account as violating the bonus rules and confiscate your winnings and close your account.

So, before using a VPN, make sure that your “private network” is a really private!

Hope that this topic helped you in your activity.

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