Deposit Limits


Hello my friend. Today I want to to tell you about the deposit limits.

There is two types on limits:

  1. Limits set by the casino 
  2. Limits that you can control.

Let’s talk about it more detailed.

First of all, there are limits by the casino and the providers. In some cases providers and casino may set the minimum available amount that you can deposit to the casino. This is a common situation when you go to the deposits section and see that suitable for you deposit method has an minimum deposit not 5 €/$, not 10 €/$, but for example 25 €/$. 

Most common this is because of the fee’s applied to the transactions for which casino pays to the provider in order to succeed your deposit to the account.

In other cases, minimal deposit amount from casino set in order for the player to complete the rules that apply you bonuses and also to secure the system from the AML (Anti-money laundering) as withdrawal minimal amount also is set. Casino reserve rights to cancel any withdrawals if deposits are not wagered at least one time.

Limits that you can control is personal limits that can be set in the “Limits” or “Responsible Gambling” sections in the casino. For example, you don’t want to spend more than 100 €/$ a month, that’s why you have an option to set these limits. In addition to the deposit limits, if you already have an amount on your casino account, you can set a wagering or the loss limits. These limits secure that you will not spend that amount. Most commonly these limits are used when you don’t apply with the withdrawal limits set by the casino and in order to secure that value on your account, you set that if you don’t want to “lose” more than 100 €/$ a day.

For more questions what limits options can be used in specific casino, you need to contact chat support and they will assist you to set them according to the “Responsible Gambling” rule.