Winnings confiscated?


Hi friend, the worst situation possible while playing is when your winnings are confiscated.

Let’s refresh your memory to avoid these kinds of problems in the future.

So what conditions could be met to confiscate your winnings?

It is very important to understand, that every single point in Terms and Conditions should be considered and not violated. Every detail can be used against you.

You need to remember, at all times, to use only your personal information and your personal bank cards or IBAN’s when registering, making a deposit and withdrawal. 

There are numerous cases when people use shared bank cards, win money and then during withdrawal process their winnings got confiscated, it’s all due to the lack of knowledge.

Your winnings also will be confiscated if you make two or more accounts called duplicate accounts using fake or your friend’s personal information. Duplicate accounts are strictly forbidden in casinos policies. If you just want to get some bonuses that will help you to bid by registering the duplicate accounts, you better find another platform and register there. And don’t forget that by creating duplicate accounts you abuse casino rules. Not only your winnings will be confiscated, but also your accounts will be blocked.

You need to be aware of duplicate accounts trap. As long as you lose, they tolerate abusers, and in case you win, they have a legitimate reason to cancel withdrawals and ban you. But It’s a kind of trap some naive people get caught in.

There’s no point of having a duplicate online casino account when you can simply register with another operator, and there are plenty of them.

Also you need to be aware of casino confiscating your winnings if verification of your account has failed. Please make sure all your personal information and bank cards are valid before you start spending a lot of money.

It is very crucial to read and understand Terms and Conditions of casino you are playing, specifically max bet from bonuses.

Please make sure you read and understand all the rules and don’t violate any of them.