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Basically, every license have their own rules and these rules are applied to a different Gambling Authorities.

For example, we will review several and most common three licenses: MGA (Malta Gambling Authority), Curacao license and UGC (UK Gambling Commission)
These three licenses are the biggest and main licenses that operates with a global gambling authorities and have accomplished their rules standards.

Every country has their own Gambling Authority that forbidden or allows their citizens to participate in gambling activity outside their residence country. That’s why licensed casinos are involved.
These casinos operates outside players residence and welcomes multiple country based citizens from all around the world.

Every verified license has their own countries that they accept and it’s not only because casino likes these countries, NO! It’s because at some point, license and certain country Gambling Authority agreed on the rules that will be applied to their citizens players in order for them to follow them.

However, you need to know, that some licenses do allow players from countries where Gambling is forbidden, that’s why player is accepting the Terms and Conditions that fully aware that Gambling is allowed in his country and he is responsible for creating account.

For example, MGA or Malta Gambling Authority – is a Maltese based license, considered as most biggest license due to its HIGH restrictions and rule following. If you will not follow the Terms and Conditions, your account most likely will be closed in even most common situation (for example, adding wrong personal data, making payments from third-party person payment system or even been closed for participating in bonuses while having a family member playing at same devise or Wifi as you are- OUCH!)
You need to know, that if casino will violate their own license rules, fees, penalties and fines will be payed to the players original country Gambling Authority. In order to remove this risk, players mistakes will be considered as rule violation and account will be closed.
Difference between other licenses here, is that MGA license have a limits section that player can apply by their own will. For example, you don’t want to deposit more than 100 EUR a month. You can use a limits section and the system will not allow player to make deposits more than 100 EUR a month.
It’s also applied to the period when player wants to stop from gambling. By setting a Cooling-off or Self-Exclusion period on your account, your account will be temporary or forever closed.
Gambling problems – is not a joke to this license. If you feel that you having a gambling problems and started to losing money more that you can afford to lose, you can block your self and this block will be made for the whole casinos operating under the MGA license.

Curacao license is a different story. Curacao based license don’t apply to these rules, if you want to close yourself on the whole license, you need to close individually on every casino under that license. As well as this license don’t have a limits section that you can set. However, as casino is strictly following players will, you can contact support in order to make these limits set. Removing following limits can be an issue as it’s not operating by the player like in MGA license. If the administration will consider your account plosible for limits removal – it will be removed.

UGC or UK Gambling Commission – is something you need to know. United Kingdom citizens have major restrictions not only what, where and how to play, but even how much they can spend. License don’t allow for player to cancel their withdrawals and always their transactions apply to countries taxes, basically, you pay your country that you play.

You can find many licenses out there and may of these casinos will have their own rules, so please make sure to read Terms and Conditions before creating a new account under the license you haven’t been part of.

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