Hi gambler! Today I will be happy to explain what duplicate accounts are.

There are a few options in this matter.

First option is when all the accounts that are used on same device, browser or IP address are considered as duplicate accounts. Also note that those accounts could be registered on anyone from your friends, relatives or acquaintances. If you use one personal computer, it could be an issue in the future. But worry not, if it’s the case, you need to explain details to the customer support and everything will be fine in the end.

I hope you enjoy your time playing and don’t even think about registering multiple accounts! If not, second option of duplicate account is when you deliberately create few or more accounts using fake or your friends personal information. If it’s a juicy bonuses that you’re thinking to get by registering the duplicate accounts, you need to remember that by doing so you abuse casino rules. Is it worth it?

This is the worst decision you can make!

Note that if you created a duplicate account, that doesn’t mean you won, so it’s a tricky thing. If your account doesn’t get banned immediately, once you think everything is fine and deposit money, play and at some point want to cash out your money, that’s when bad news will pop up.

If you’re assuming that using personal and financial information of others living with you will do the trick, it’s actually isn’t allowed as well. Terms and conditions states that the same address can’t be used to sign up more than one account.

Let’s imagine that you accidentally registered multiple accounts, you need to go straight to casino support. They’ll tell you what to do. If they are convinced that wasn’t deliberate, and you didn’t attempt to abuse their rules, they can simply delete one of your profiles and leave another one.

So if you thought about registering duplicate accounts, think twice before actually do that!

I hope you will avoid this issue and have a really good time.