Set a limit


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You are here to know about how to set a limits.

What is a limit? Limits – are precautions that player set in order to secure his winnings or his own money from depositing. In some cases it can be called “Responsible Gambling”.

What limits you can set?

There is no such one template of the limits that can player make during his activity. Some casinos have open limits section that players can set and some casinos requires for you to contact casino administration to set them.

Here are most common limits that you can set during the game activity:

– Deposit limits – setting a deposit limits of specific amount of time frame. For example, 20 EUR per week, 100 EUR per month, 50 EUR per day , etc. By setting this limits, every deposit that you will try to make over this placed limit will be declined by the casino.
– Loss limits – setting a loss limits is most common for player with the high balance and it’s set to secure your winnings from losing until the withdrawal limits of the casino is good. For example, you have reached your withdrawal limits for a week, but still have a lot of balance. In order to safe that balance, you can set that you don’t want to close more than a 100 EUR from that balance a day. Now you are sure that maximum that you can lose is a 100 EUR a day, everything else is secured for next scheduled withdrawal.
– Wager limits – wager limits is how much you wish to use on bets a day. For example, you feel that you don’t want to make more than 100 EUR in bets a day. Wager – is amount of money you spend on bets. So if you have set this limits, be ready that you will be not able to play more than you have set. You will have to continue your play on next scheduled limits frame.
– Cooling off – this limits is canceling all of your gambling activity on the website. You will be not able to make any deposits, however, you will be able to upload documents and make a withdrawals. Again, this feature is more common for players that want to make a funds withdrawal and don’t want to balance be fully played.
– Self-Exclusion – basically, it’s an account closure. You are excluding any activity and even restriction your access to the account for any actions. You will be not able to login to your account until self-exclusion period is expired.

As previously mentioned these are not all, but most common limits that casino can apply to your account.

We hope that you will make sure your casino activity will be responsible and play only for the money you can afford to lose.
Casino must be not considered a place where to make money.

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