How to fill registration form?


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In this topic we will talk about the registration from and how to fill it.

Basic and main rule when you are making the account – fill correct information.

Here are the basic form that you need to fill and what common mistakes are made during this process.

– NAME and Surname:

Your name is your given name. Given name is the name that you have on the all of the documents (for example, passport or ID).
Make sure to add your personal information in this section as it’s written in your ID.
Most common mistake in this section is that new player want’s to secure his data for security reasons and adding a nickname or short name. As an example, your name is Christopher, but player adding Chris. As an result, that may be considered as an issue verifying your personal data and deposits confirmation, as you are making deposits adding your full name.

– Date of Birth:
Just like in previous form, you need to enter correct date of birth in order to verify your identity.
Most common mistakes is adding your date of birth wrong, making a mistake in month and date. For example, your date of birth is 12 of January, 2012. In some worlds calendars it can be typed as 12/01/2012, but in some cases 01/12/2012.
By adding this information, make sure that you are entering month and date section correctly. It’s not a serious mistake and casino administration will help you to change this in the future, however, if you have noticed this after the registration, please, contact casino’s chat support to receive an assist in this.

– Country and Address:

This section is what you need to be most worried about. By entering forbidden country and fictional address, casino reservers right to cancel your subscription to the casino by violating the casino rules. Make sure to read terms and conditions before you fill a registration form. In most cases, casino for don’t have restricted countries to select from the list, however, by avoiding casino restrictions and using for example VPN to enter the website, you will have an option to choose forbidden country. (more about using VPN you can find in this topic)

These are the basic fields that every registration process involved that you need to be sure entered correctly in order to be successful for the following verification process.

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