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In this topic we will talk a little about GDPR.

What is GDPR?

GDRP describes as The General Data Protection Regulation.

Basically, in other words, it’s a protection of your personal information in the casino.
As you know, by registering in the casino, you are entering your own personal data, as well as uploading personal documents (such as your passport or ID) – that you don’t want for anyone to see them or in wors scenarios get sold to a third-party company.
That’s why GDPR is a strict rule that applied to the all casinos. Casino is responsible to keep your data safe and keep it only for a Data Retention (more information can be found in this topic) and verification purposes (more information can be found in this topic).

How can you be sure that your personal information is safe?
It’s a good question. Information is safe as long as your account is safe. By creating a strong password and enabling Two-Factor authentication, you can be sure that your personal information is safely held in your account and can’t be stolen.
However, even if you haven’t secured your account properly, some casinos safe your personal documents in a decrypted way, that means you can upload a document, but you will be not able to see them. This safety measure made in order that you will somehow give an access to a third-party person, all your documents will be not visible, only for the casino administration for verification purposes only.

GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of worlds citizens for transactions that occur within members. And non-compliance could cost companies dearly.

You need to know, that your personal data will be not used in any fraudulence activity, as this information is safe in your account, only between you and casino administration.

We hope that this topic helped you and you know more about your account safety, it will make your verification process more easy.

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